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Practice Areas

Tyler and Ashlea are civil attorneys and their general practice includes a range of legal practice areas focused on people, relationships, and property. Benting Crumley Law, LLC assists private individuals, government entities, organizations, and businesses in civil disputes and in legal transactions.

Estate Planning

Planning your estate helps eliminate uncertainty and provides you with peace of mind. Some estate planning tools might include:

These various tools can assist you in ensuring that your wishes are carried out and gives you assurance that your property will go to the people you want to receive it. We can work with you to provide you with an individualized estate plan that meets your specific goals and needs.


Probating an estate is the process of asking the court, after your loved one has passed, to allow you to resolve the decedent’s property and debts. The probate process is open to circumstances with and without a Will. During the probate process, the representative of the estate collects and protects the decedent’s property and pays (or denies) bills, taxes, and other claims against or due to the estate. The representative also distributes property according to a Will, or, if no Will exists, according to the New Mexico Probate Code.

Divorce and Family Law

We can assist you in contested and uncontested divorce cases. We can also assist you in matters involving child support, spousal support, property division, and prenuptial and post-marital agreements. We can also provide legal services in guardianship and adoption cases.

Business Law

Benting Crumley Law, LLC can assist you with forming your business entity in New Mexico. We can also assist your existing business with its legal operations including preparing and negotiating contracts, mergers and acquisitions, addressing disputes and various legal issues, and in litigation.

Property Law

Property law applies to both real property and personal property. We can help you with transfers of property, resolving ownership issues, negotiation and preparing real estate contracts and leases, and addressing landlord-tenant matters.

Civil Litigation

We can assist you with legal disputes that are not based on criminal actions. Civil litigation encompasses many types of disputes in court between individuals, businesses, and other entities. We have handled contract disputes, fraud cases, and personal injury cases.

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